Venture Plan


About this addon

Venture Plan improves the Command Table interface for covenantadventures.

  • The Available Adventures list provides more detail about more adventuresthan the default UI, requiring less scrolling.
  • You can quickly receive rewards from completed adventures, and set uptentative parties for multiple adventures before committing your companions.
  • The Companions/Troop list on the adventure details page no longer requiresscrolling.
  • Adventurer and enemy ability tooltips display targetting information, andin some cases correct misleading original ability descriptions.

The included Cursed Adventurer's Guide is able to foretell yourcompanions' gruesome demise before you send them off on an impossiblemission, while the Cursed Tactical Guide can suggest troops and optimizeadventuring party layouts to minimize health loss. The guides have been testedon tens of millions of adventures, and are probably the most reliablepredictors of mission outcomes. Nevertheless, bug-for-bug replication of theadventures combat logic is a bit difficult, and so the guides may be misleadingin some very rare circumstances.

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retail - 4.16a

Release Notes

  • Portraits of adventurers in tentative parties and on adventures in progressare now shown on the mission list.
  • Wasted currency rewards from completed adventures are now shown in the tooltipof the Complete All button.
  • If there are completed adventures pending reward collection and companionsin tentative parties, a secondary button is now shown allowing the adventureswith assigned tentative groups to be started without first completing thefinished adventures.
  • You can now mark companions as Favorite. Favorite companions are displayedfirst in the Companions list.
  • The Send Tentative Parties button tooltip now shows the total anima costwhen multiple adventures have assigned tentative parties.
  • Adventures awarding bonus follower XP are now sorted last once allcompanions have reached maximum level.
  • Soulbinds are now sorted before other equal-level companions in theCompanions list.
  • The number of available companions shown on the adventures list no longerincludes companions currently assigned to a tentative group.
  • Progress bars on the adventures list are now treated as buttons.
  • Adventure reports are no longer generated. Thank you to everyone whocontributed these in the past.
  • Fixed an issue causing left-over animations to sometimes play when openingadventure details.
  • Fixed an issue causing the "On Adventure - Complete" status to not bedisplayed correctly in companion tooltips.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Heal All button to sometimes not be updatedappropriately on the adventure details page.
  • Fixed a graphical issue with certain reward icons.
  • Fixed an incorrect description of Ashraka's Potentiated Power ability.In some languages, Venture Plan's description of this Necrolord companionability incorrectly stated that it increases an ally's damage dealt by apercentage (instead of a static amount).
  • Fixed an issue causing right click behavior to be inconsistent on theadventure details page.
  • (a) Fixed an error that could occur after dragging troops into anadventuring party.


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4.16a - 5 months