Auction House DataBase (AHDB)


Auction House DataBase

Auction House DataBase (AHDB for short), records DB history and allows offline queries, for classic and bcc.

This Open Source addon is mostly to capture the evolution of the WoW classic economy from empty to mature.

We have a unique chance to record that history and that's what this addon attempts to accomplish

As you might know the Blizzard APIs to query the AH from the web (like The Undermine Journal does for instance) won't exist at launch and for some undetermined time after launch, so let's together create and maintain that DataBase.  (DB uploader in the works)

What does it do?

AHDB shows a (moveable) button to take the next step (target the auctioneer, start scan, save,...)

If you configured it to do so, each time you open the auction house (if available and unless you the hold shift key), AHDB takes a full snapshot of your auction house and record it in your saved variables under the realm, faction and timestamp

You will be able to later query that DB even when not at the AH

More information

Get the binary release using curseforgeclient or other addon manager or on wowinterface.

The source of the addon resides on the MoLib library at

Releases detail/changes are on

The data can be processed using

Note: AHDB is unrelated to TSM's internal module AuctionDB (though there is a basic integration and TSM can now use some of our awesome scan data)

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retail, classic, burningCrusade - v1.06.05

ChangeLog for Auction House DataBase (AHDB) by MooreaTv (

Coming next:

  • Your input/suggestions welcome !
  • See open issues for ideas

v1.06.05 June 4th 2022

  • Updated for Classic Era 1.14.3

v1.06.04 March 26th 2022

  • Update Burning Crusade TOC for 2.5.4
  • peg luacheck to 0.23.0

v1.06.02 Feb 22nd 2022

  • Updated the TOC (even though Shadowlands is still not supported, sorry)and updated packager again to latest community packager (v2)

v1.06.01 Feb 12th 2022

  • Single zip build + TOC updates + warning that wait for sellers has been broken by blizzard.

v1.05.04 November 9th 2021

  • New option to skip over stuck items in config. Applies rarely to tbc AH(most of the fix in MoLib 8.1.1) - fixes #36

v1.05.03 Sept 2nd 2021

  • BCC 2.5.2
  • Disable waiting for seller info BCC as it doesn't work

v1.05.02 May 23rd 2021

  • Actually add the multiple TOCs this time (Classic BC support)and right version in the file

v1.05.00 May 10th 2021

  • Multi TOC support for Burning Crusade vs Classic Era

v1.04.05 April 21st 2021

  • Classic now 1.13.07

v1.04.04 March 9th 2021

  • Fix up github action packager version.
  • Sorry still doesn't work on retail

v1.04.03 Dec 2nd 2020

  • Classic 1.13.06 + other TOC info additions.
  • Sorry still doesn't work on retail

v1.04.01 Oct 18th 2020

  • Fix for multiple flip/flop of show/hide minimap generating molib error. (pick up new molib too)

v1.04.00 Oct 18th 2020

  • Added option to hide minimap button in config /ahdb conf

v1.03.01 Aug 8th 2020

  • Misc dev mode improvements: Seen filter for lowbid is now a set and corrected whisper message.

v1.03.00 July 24th 2020

  • Auction Item Database schema v5, now contains itemSellPrice, itemStackCount, itemClassID,itemSubClassID, itemRarity, itemMinLevel prefix before the link (MoLib change)
  • The internal item database will enrich automatically with item info as you scan but if you havea large one you want to manually update, do /ahdb infoscan a few times (wait a bit and /reload in between)
  • See the matching schema change in

v1.02.02 July 8th 2020

  • Updated for Classic 1.13.5
  • [bfa] doesn't yet work with the recent AH revamp of BfA 8.3

v1.02.01 March 3rd 2020

  • Updated for Classic 1.13.4
  • doesn't yet work with the recent AH revamp of BfA 8.3

v1.02.00 December 10th 2019

  • Updated for Classic 1.13.3

v1.01.04 October 14th 2019

  • Add ProjectAzilroka to optional deps so it can manage our minimap icon.
  • [wip] Pickup/Use latest MoLib scrolling frame (for now just /run AuctionDB:TableDemo())

v1.01.03 Sept 30th 2019

  • Fix rounding issue in MoLib's :round() and improved AH info calcfixes

v1.01.02 Sept 25th 2019

  • Now (optionally) waits for seller info (you can turn it off in options for fastest scan)to consider the scan complete - most of the work as usual is in MoLib.

v1.00.01 Sept 11th 2019

  • Stable enough for 1.0!
  • Make the dependency on BVP optional because curseforge/twitch is broken
  • Trying to flip around retail and classic tags and default to see if it helps
  • Now use periodic yield to avoid (rare) DCs, from MoLib - should fix #23
  • Config option to not show the periodic "you can scan" chat text - Fixes #29

v0.14.00 Sept 9th 2019

  • Added support for LibDBIcon / SexyMap through MoLib changes (Fixes #20)
  • Added support to disable all AHDB temporary keybindings (Fixes #21)v0.12.03 Sept 9th 2019
  • Adding option to hide the big button per request (Fixes #16)v0.12.01,.02 Sept 5th 2019
  • Re tag to get curse to pickup the dependencyv0.12.00 Sept 5th 2019
  • Fix for #18: Raw data was fine but AH tooltip and TSM pricing info could miss the min for the first auctionfound if it had multiple itemsv0.11.05 Aug 29th 2019
  • Don't print warning about scan not doable at every AH open (Fixed #15)v0.11.04 Aug 28th 2019
  • Fixed minimap button and big button drag to move forgetting location on reload (thx Bayart for the report!)v0.11.03 Aug 28th 2019
  • Fix bogus "Can't scan outside of cities..."v0.11.02 Aug 28th 2019
  • Software is hard... Really fixed #12, #13, #14 now. Should not show button unless rested and shouldnot spam the chat periodically eitherv0.11.01 Aug 28th 2019
  • Opsa... was still starting with button shown irrespective of resting state (!) - sorry - fixed now!v0.11.00 Aug 27th 2019
  • No more pause/hang on classic at the end of the first scan!
  • Unlike in BfA which doesn't mind despite 100x more items, for classic we needed to not restorethe item update event immediately, yet keep the UI functional even if you search afterand hit enter in Name editbox for instance (still haven't found how to hide previous resultsif you manual search first and then do a full scan but it's only cosmetically wrong in that case)
  • Fix the inital /tar -> /scan button binding
  • Detect "in combat" overlapping with start/end of resting to avoid addon blocked errors

v0.10.00 Aug 27th 2019

  • Don't show the big pulsating button unless IsResting() (ie in city/inns) - Fixing Issue #12
  • Don't bind key for full scan unless at AH
  • Option to turn off the /tar auctioneer binding
  • Now works even if another addon (like aux-addon) hides the standard UI (moved ah open/close events to MoLib)
  • Also from MoLib: Bug fixes on normally shrinking auctions list(in classic unlike BfA it seems the list refreshes faster despite having fewer auctions)

v0.09.02 Aug 26th 2019

  • Pick up another MoLib small fix (round to .1 copper when dividing (avoids 16.6666666 copper),coding error in 1 of the warnings)v0.09.01 Aug 26th 2019
  • Pick up MoLib fix with typo in classic code path that couldn't be tested until now (!) sorry!v0.09.00 Aug 26th 2019
  • Rebranded from short name "AuctionDB" to "AHDB" to avoid confusion with TSM's internal module of the same name
  • Now include current bid in scan DB v6 and deserialization on load.
  • (for now) Requires Better Vendor Price to display AH results information through tooltip
  • Classic is today !

v0.08.00 Aug 25th 2019

  • Pickup from MoLib: itemdb version 4 (20% shorter), and a bug fix for suffixid
  • Better/more Localization strings

v0.07.01 Aug 24th 2019(from MoLib)

  • Fixed bogus realm mismatch warningv0.07.00 Aug 23rd 2019(from MoLib:)
  • New ItemDB even more compact format
  • Scan data also better structure: group by item and seller,now down to 1.5Mb a scan from 30Mb when I started.

v0.06.00 Aug 23rd 2019

  • Pick up big AH changes in MoLib -
  • Also bind IWT (so hitting it 3 times starts a scan (target, open, start scan))
  • New transparent, glowing button
  • Added shift key to prevent auto scan feature (auto scan delay is noop atm)

v0.05.00 Aug 22nd 2019

  • The build now includes localization
  • bug fix: use PLAYER_REGEN_DISABLED as the event to hide our button, avoids combat error(thanks humfras!)v0.04.00 Aug 22nd 2019
  • Now with functional auto scan as well as secure button to target, scan and reload
  • options panel controls how many newly found items should be shown in each scanv0.03.00 Aug 21st 2019
  • Pick up MoLib changes to split item DB and scan results yielding 30Mb -> 2Mb decrease(+ couple Mb for itemDB but that's fixed cost with number of scans)v0.02.01 Aug 20th 2019
  • Initial functional version, click to scanv0.01.01 August 20th 2019
  • AH context call and key bindings (and pick up newer MoLib)v0.01.00 August 19th 2019
  • Options/config pane
  • initial version, created from MooreaTv/WowAddonTemplate./ 'AuctionDB' 'ADB' 'Auction House DataBase' 'AUCTIONDB' 'ahdb' 'Auction House DataBase, records DB history and offline queries, for classic and more'


Coming soon...

v1.06.05 - 3 weeks
Burning Crusade Classic
v1.06.05 - 3 weeks
Classic Era
v1.06.05 - 3 weeks