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Raider.IO Mythic Plus, Raiding, and Recruitment

Raider.IO Mythic Plus, Raiding, and RecruitmentThis is a companion addon to go along with the Raiding, Recruitment, and Mythic+ Rankings site, Raider.IO: https://raider.io. With this addon installed,

Vladinator (Vladinator-TarrenMill), Aspyr (Aspyrox-Skullcrusher) and Isak (Isak-Sargeras) - 10.2.6 (v202404160608)

Core Loot Manager

Core Loot Managerformerly Classic Loot ManagerAboutCore Loot Manager is a robust Loot Tracking and awarding tool for guilds.It's designed to superseed old DKP and EPGP AddOns and it's derivatives and

Lantis - v5.0.2


WorldBossTimersThe World of Warcraft addon WorldBossTimers which is used to track and share respawn timers for world bossesand other rare spawns that drop mounts.Curse addon site: https://www.cursefor

Soulstorm - v1.12.5

ElvUI MerathilisUI

Download Sites: WowUP | Curse | Wago | Github ReleaseWhat does this Plugin do?:ElvUI_MerathilisUI is an external ElvUI Mod. Mostly for the design in a transparent look with a few additional Featu

Merathilis - 6.11


Collectibles and statistics tracking addon for World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

Allara - 1.0 (r730-release)