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About M.A.M.A. MultiboxingMAMA is an open-source MultiBoxing (dual-boxing) addon with the following design goals:Opensource license (so if the current author gets hit by a bus, anyone else can pick it

MooreaTV moorea@ymail.com - v1.4.0


DynamicBoxerDynamicBoxer now works without ISBoxer (which is banned from WoW) thanks to MAMA and even better when using the only and best (and compliant with blizzard's rules) multiboxing software www

MooreaTV moorea@ymail.com - v3.06.01

Addon Update Notifications

Addon Update Notifications (by WowUp)The official WowUp World of Warcraft addonThis addon receives data from an addon manager like WowUp and gives you an in-game notification with which addons can be

Linaori, WowUp - 1.0.8


World of Warcraft addon Excavatinator

Tutti (Azjol-Nerub EU) - 4.0

Excavatinator API

Excavatinator APIThis is the API the addon Excavatinator uses. This exists because Blizzard's API for archaeology is inadequate at the best of times, and exists as a separate addon now for anyone who

Tutti (Azjol-Nerub EU) - 4.0