Incognito Resurrected, original author:, nyyr

Incognito Resurrected

Incognito adds your specified name in front of your chat messages. Incongito Resurrrected can be enabled for guild (and officer), party and raid chat messages.

[Guild] [Yourchar]: Some chat messagebecomes
[Guild] [Yourchar]: (Yourname): Some chat messageUsage

You can use the GUI config dialog or the slash commands /incognito or /incslash options

  • /incognito config - Open configuration dialog
  • /incognito enable - Enable or disable adding your name to chat messages
  • /incognito name - The name that should be displayed in your chat messages

AddOns Options

  • Enable - Enable adding your name to chat messages.
  • Name - The name that should be displayed in your chat messages
  • Guild - Add name to guild chat messages
  • Party - Add name to party chat messages
  • Raid - Add name to raid chat messages
  • Channel - Add name to chat messages in a custom channel
  • Debug - Enable debugging messages output. You probably don't want to enable this

Features and Bugs
If you have a feature request of find a bug please report them in the Issues section.

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wotlk, retail, classic - 1.0


Coming soon...

1.0 - 2 weeks
Wrath of the Lich King Classic
1.0 - 2 weeks
Classic Era
1.0 - 2 weeks