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About M.A.M.A. Multiboxing

MAMA is an open-source MultiBoxing (dual-boxing) addon with the following design goals:

  • Opensource license (so if the current author gets hit by a bus, anyone else can pick it up and/or make improvements)

  • High quality code

  • Minimal dependencies

  • Low footprint (both memory and cpu and addon chatter)

  • Works with a single code base on both Wow Classic and regular (SL as of this writing)

  • Let's you have dynamic teams with or without ISBoxer

M.A.M.A. stands for MooreaTv's/minimal yet Awesome Multiboxing Assistant in reverence to grandfather of all (good) multi-boxing addons: Jamba (Jafula's Awesome MultiBoxing Assistant), which also inspired the EMA name.

Optionally: have a look at WowOpenBox.org for the only open-source windows multiboxing software verifiably compliant with Blizzard's new rules.

What does it do ?

M.A.M.A relies on my DynamicBoxer for core team communication functionality

  • Let's you use DynamicBoxer without requiring ISBoxer (with WOB, but also works with ISBoxer as alternative to EMA), including fast in order invite/disband, EMA sync etc... just set your window slot # in the options panel or with /mama s N.

  • Let's you keybind or slash command "promoteme" (/mama l to make a new lead)

  • add /click MamaAssist in front of your macro to assist whoever you are leading with. (you can /mama lead othertoon to assist another character like a tank when it's not your own/you joined another party)

  • or /click MamaTrain for a follow train + assist (keybindable too), /click MamaFollow for just follow and assist of the lead (keybindable too)

  • /mama mount and /mama mount dismount and keybindings for mounting/dismounting as a team. Note that only dismount works in classic.

  • Set EMA master when setting group lead (if EMA is installed and config checkbox is on, but /click MamaAssist is faster and more reliable)

  • Set loot to free for all (and back to group when inviting extra)

  • Share/accept quests on minions, Abandon quests as a team.

  • Take same flight path as your team

  • and more coming quite often... see /mama and /mama config and keybindings.

  • Note that on Wrath of the Lich King, and now in Dragonflight and now even on Classic (hardcore and era) where FollowUnit() has been hardware protected by Blizzard; followme and alltogether keybinds won't work. Please instead use /mama lead (once/when changing lead) and /click MamaFollow or the keybind for it on all. /click MamaFollow will also do the MamaAssist in addition to following so you can do both in 1 key. Ditto now with MamaTrain

On legacy:

  • Used to let you keybind or slash command "followme" (/mama f this stopped working even on classic from 1.14.4)

  • /mama altogether and keybinding to do both "follow me" and "make me lead" in one efficient command. (1 addon message).

Input on feature prioritization is most welcome!

Mama might eventually also ensure your multiboxing or dual boxing team can do stuff like:

  • Auto vendor/repair

  • And more features per your request(s) !

Mama works well in conjunction with ISBoxer and DynamicBoxer but also with other multiboxing software or hardware


As mentioned above there is a one time setup/pairing with DynamicBoxer:

/mama s 1 in window 1, /mama s 2 in window 2, /mama s 3 in window 3 etc... then copy the token from dynamicboxer window 1 and paste in the other windows. Type return after Ctrl-C (copy) from window1 then paste Ctrl-V in all other windows as prompted. It may take a /reload the first time to complete the one time setup.

Set in game keybind for "mama alltogether" so you can trigger both follow me and make leader in 1 key/addon message. (and the other commands too)

Add /click MamaAssist in front of your macro to assist whoever you are leading with.

If you see anything red in the dbox-mama blue status window: something is wrong! try /reload and read the messages in the chat window if it persists. Repeat the setup carefully (/dbox show if you closed the dialog) and if that still doesn't work come to discord.

More info

Get the binary release using curse/twitch/overwolf/... clientshttps://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/mama-multiboxing

You will also need https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/dynamicboxer

The source of the addon resides on https://github.com/mooreatv/MAMA-multiboxing(and the MoLib library at https://github.com/mooreatv/MoLib)

Releases detail/changes are on https://github.com/mooreatv/MAMA-multiboxing/releases

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wotlk, retail, classic, burningCrusade - v1.21.5


Coming soon...

v1.21.5 - 1 week
Wrath of the Lich King Classic
v1.21.5 - 1 week
Classic Era
v1.21.5 - 1 week