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About M.A.M.A. Multiboxing

MAMA is an open-source MultiBoxing (dual-boxing) addon with the following design goals:

  • Opensource license (so if the current author gets hit by a bus, anyone else can pick it up and/or make improvements)

  • High quality code

  • Minimal dependencies

  • Low footprint (both memory and cpu and addon chatter)

  • Works with a single code base on both Wow Classic and regular (SL as of this writing)

  • Let's you have dynamic teams with or without ISBoxer

M.A.M.A. stands for MooreaTv's/minimal yet Awesome Multiboxing Assistant in reverence to grandfather of all (good) multi-boxing addons: Jamba (Jafula's Awesome MultiBoxing Assistant), which also inspired the EMA name.

Optionally: have a look at WowOpenBox.org for the only open-source windows multiboxing software verifiably compliant with Blizzard's new rules.

What does it do ?

Right now M.A.M.A relies on my DynamicBoxer for a lot of the functionality

  • Let's you use DynamicBoxer without requiring the now banned ISBoxer, including fast in order invite/disband, EMA sync, etc... just set your window slot # in the options panel or with /mama s N.

  • Let's you keybind or slash command "followme" and "promoteme" (/mama f and /mama l respectively)

  • /mama altogether and keybinding to do both "follow me" and "make me lead" in one efficient command. (1 addon message).

  • add /click MamaAssist in front of your macro to assist whoever you are leading with. (you can /mama lead othertoon to assist another character like a tank when it's not your own/you joined another party)

  • /mama mount and /mama mount dismount and keybindings for mounting/dismounting as a team. Note that only dismount works in classic.

  • Set EMA master when setting group lead (if EMA is installed and config checkbox is on, but /click MamaAssist is faster and more reliable)

  • Set loot to free for all (and back to group when inviting extra)

  • Share/accept quests on minions, Abandon quests as a team.

  • Take same flight path as your team

  • and more coming quite often... see /mama and /mama config

Input on feature prioritization is most welcome!

Mama might eventually also ensure your multiboxing or dual boxing team can do stuff like:

  • Auto vendor/repair

  • And more features per your request(s) !

Mama works well in conjunction with ISBoxer and DynamicBoxer but also with other multiboxing software or hardware


As mentioned above there is a one time setup/pairing with DynamicBoxer:

/mama s 1 in window 1, /mama s 2 in window 2, /mama s 3 in window 3 etc... then copy the token from dynamicboxer window 1 and paste in the other windows. Type return after Ctrl-C (copy) from window1 then paste Ctrl-V in all other windows as prompted. It may take a /reload the first time to complete the one time setup.

Set in game keybind for "mama alltogether" so you can trigger both follow me and make leader in 1 key/addon message. (and the other commands too)

Add /click MamaAssist in front of your macro to assist whoever you are leading with.

If you see anything red in the dbox-mama blue status window: something is wrong! try /reload and read the messages in the chat window if it persists. Repeat the setup carefully (/dbox show if you closed the dialog) and if that still doesn't work come to discord.

More info

Get the binary release using curse/twitch/overwolf/... clientshttps://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/mama-multiboxing

You will also need https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/dynamicboxer

The source of the addon resides on https://github.com/mooreatv/MAMA-multiboxing(and the MoLib library at https://github.com/mooreatv/MoLib)

Releases detail/changes are on https://github.com/mooreatv/MAMA-multiboxing/releases

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retail, classic, burningCrusade - v1.7.1

ChangeLog for Mama by MooreaTv (moorea@ymail.com)

Coming next:

  • Your input/suggestions welcome !
  • See open issues for ideas https://github.com/mooreatv/Mama/issues)

v1.7.1 Jan 3rd 2022

  • use hooksecurefunc() instead of replacing functions to improve retail compatibility

v1.7.0 December 19th 2021

  • Added synchronization of npc dialog choices across team

v1.6.5 December 14th 2021

  • Fix distant flight path when toons have exact same matching idsI swear it works now :-) Thx Sawyer for the help/reports

v1.6.4 December 14th 2021

  • Make Flight Path taking work also for distant flights

v1.6.3 December 13th 2021

  • Abandon with team now working and only abandoning if really abandoningAlso will refuse to abandon completed quests

v1.6.2 December 13th 2021

  • Disable Abandon quest for now as it triggers on quest completion(!) my badwill fix asap

v1.6.1 December 13th 2021

  • Fix Abandon quest with Team

v1.6.0 December 12th 2021

  • Added option to abandon quests as a team
  • Simplified quest sharing code

v1.5.0 December 1st 2021

  • Added taking same Flight Path option

v1.4.1 December 1st 2021

  • Fixed bug where /mama m with no argument would get a warning (#8)
  • Fixed bug with new auto quest that wasn't working on SL (#10)

v1.4.0 November 28th 2021

  • New option to set auto set loot to FFA (and reset to group if inviting extra people)
  • New option to auto share/accept quests (/mama quest, thanks @patrick-east for the contribution!)
  • TOC updates for SoM and Shadowlands

v1.3.2 Sept 2nd 2021

  • Updated TOC for Burning Crusade 2.5.2

v1.3.1 June 29th 2021

  • Updated TOCs for Shadowlands Chains of Domination (90100)

v1.3.0 May 10th 2021

  • Support for Burning Crusade Classic (through MoLib v8)
  • Multi TOC support ready for Classic, Classic Era, Burning Crusade and Shadowlands

v1.2.2 May (the) 4th (be with you) 2021

  • Put the alltogether keybind first as it's the most useful/important one
  • Raise the max slot to 16

v1.2.1 April 25th 2021

  • Make sure that /mama s N also forces DynamicBoxer to be enabled.

v1.2.0 April 21st 2021

  • Change assist behavior on lead to be noop instead of self assist
  • Bump classic to 1.13.7

v1.1.6 April 18th 2021

  • Pick up new MoLib with multi line output improvements so /mama help output is scrollable

v1.1.5 April 2nd 2021

  • Typo in addon config option fixed

v1.1.4 March 28th 2021

  • Avoid that EMA errors prevent executing Mama core functions

v1.1.3 March 24th 2021

  • Fixed out of party /click MamaAssist

v1.1.2 March 21st 2021

  • Fix bug where group info can return nil

v1.1.1 March 9th 2021

  • Initialize MamaAssist to the party leader at first (but do use the "alltogether" keybinding)cleaned up leader code.
  • Bumped retail TOC

v1.1.0 March 7th 2021

  • Added /click MamaAssist and key binding which will assist whichever toon is thecurrent lead. Add this to your macros.(value can't be changed in combat; continue to use party1 for in combat switching)

v1.0.0 Feb 20th 2021

  • Option to hide the minimap button and compatibility fixes from MoLib.
  • Stable and useful enough to call 1.0!

v0.9.1 Jan 31st 2021

  • Added /mama follow train and key binding to make a train of follow insteadof all following same
  • fixed help output (/mama)

v0.8.0 Dec 29th 2020

  • Mount command now also follows by default.(note that if your minions are a bit far they'll follow and break the castof the mount but you can spam the key now, because:)
  • Mount command doesn't unmount.

v0.7.1 Dec 2nd 2020

  • Classic 1.13.06 + Toc info/pointers for other addon managers.

v0.7.0 Nov 24th 2020

  • Shadowlands 9.0.2 pull fix for blizzard checkboxes missing SetValue from MoLib.
  • Update TOC

v0.6.0 Nov 12th 2020

  • New /mama mount and /mama mount dismount and keybindings for mounting/dismountingas a team. Note that only dismount works in classic.

v0.5.0 Nov 11th 2020

  • Set EMA master when setting group lead (if EMA is installed and config checkbox is on)

v0.4.2 Nov 10th 2020

  • New /mama altogether and keybinding to do both "follow me" and "make me lead"in one efficient command. (1 addon message). Fixes #1

v0.3.4 Nov 9th 2020

  • Make it clear you need to use /mama slot x on each window or through/mama config first and do the dynamicboxer one time token setup.

v0.3.3 Nov 8th 2020

  • Adding /mama f stop and keybinding for stopping follow on teamalso works from any window
  • Adding /mama s N to set slot from slash command
  • /mama leader x sets leader to x (no x = request for self)

v0.03.02 Nov 8th 2020

  • Fix for retail/shadowlands with AH event exception and more

v0.03.01 Nov 8th 2020

  • Reboot with new multiboxing restrictions, make it work without ISBoxernew /mama follow and /mama lead commands and keybindings!

v0.02.06 Aug 16th 2019

  • Make it more clear this is WIP addon at this stage
  • Tweaks to options panel handling/indicate functionality/settings are in DynamicBoxer at the moment.

v0.02.05 Aug 15th 2019

  • moved more code to MoLib (saved var, addon loaded event handling)

v0.02.04 Aug 14th 2019

  • cleanup the zip, adding missing ignores entry in pkgmeta

v0.02.03 Aug 14th 2019

v0.02.02 Aug 14th 2019

  • Minor toc update, going for M.A.M.A. instead of Mama.

v0.02.01 Aug 14th 2019

  • Some code is now shared in MoLib
  • Sync the /mama debug with /dbox's
  • Fixed typo/leftover ppa text from template

v0.02.00 Aug 12th 2019

  • (wip) Auction House scan

v0.01.00 Aug 11th 2019

  • requires DynamicBoxer v2.05.00
  • initial version, created from MooreaTv/WowAddonTemplate./newaddon.sh 'Mama' 'MM' 'Mama' 'MAMA' 'mama' 'Mama: MooreaTv'''s/minimal yet Awesome Multiboxing Assistant (name inspired by Jamba)'


Coming soon...

v1.7.1 - 3 weeks
Burning Crusade Classic
v1.7.1 - 3 weeks
Classic Era
v1.7.1 - 3 weeks