There are currently no plans to upload this to Curse or WoWInterface. Ifyou would like to have an auto-updater, then I would suggest WoWUp. It supportsdownloading from several providers like WoWInterface, Wago, TukUI andGitHub. Simply provide the repo's clone address to WoWUp and it will track whennew GitHub Releases are made and trigger an update.

If you wish to contribute to the project, please fork and submit a pull request.To get a working development copy, simply copy the Libs folder from thelatest release into yourcloned repository. It also may be helpful to create a symbolic link from yourInterface folder to your cloned repo. For example, I have a folder named XIV_Databar_devthat is a symbolic link to my repo. Then I can play using the latest release anddevelop using the _dev version. Remember you will need to disable the version youare not using.

I am not very active in game, but I will give any contributions the same care andattention you did. Please note, you will need to copy the Libs folder from the mostrecent release into your development version since they are not included in the repo.

Any issues, feature requests or suggestions should be made using the issueshere in GitHub.

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wotlk, retail, classic, burningCrusade - v3.0.26


Coming soon...

v3.0.26 - 2 weeks
Wrath of the Lich King Classic
v3.0.26 - 2 weeks
Classic Era
v3.0.26 - 2 weeks