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DynamicBoxer now works without ISBoxer (which is banned from WoW) thanks to MAMA and even better when using the only and best (and compliant with blizzard's rules) multiboxing software www.WowOpenBox.org.

Older information:

The way ISBoxer works currentlyis you need to go back outside of the game into the windows isboxer suite program each time you wantto create a new character or change whichever combination of characters you may want to be multi-boxingwith at the time.

This addon allows you to create only 1 team per layout and dynamically load any characters you wish into it

Likewise it lets you create new characters and teams dynamically without having to go back to isboxer suite, make changes there and export to innerspace

This is quite important for instance in classic when you can't create your teams ahead of time and want to get going asap with your teams

Get the binary release using curse/twitch client or onhttps://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/dynamicboxer oron WowInterface

The source of the addon resides at https://github.com/mooreatv/DynamicBoxer(and the MoLib library at https://github.com/mooreatv/MoLib)

Releases detail/changes are on https://github.com/mooreatv/DynamicBoxer/releases and the ChangeLog.txt

New You can now get DynamicBoxer benefits without requiring the use of the banned ISBoxer: just add MAMA: https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/mama-multiboxing


Q: What does it do ?

A:The core concept is to let you start isboxer/innerspace based on a layout (say 5 boxing with slot 2 healer and vfx in 1) once and then change which characters are actually in windows 1... N at will/whim.

It also works for brand new characters (making a new cool 5 Void Elf, team, just do it, no need to go back to windows)

Q: Why is that useful?

A:Because you save time and only need a handful of core teams and "virtual"/role based characters in isboxer instead of dozens

Q: What else does it do ?

A:A bunch of small utility things (and I can add more of you ask):

  • It syncs up automatically your EMA team, in the order of the slots (no more "can't push settings" ever)
  • It (optionally) auto invites your team
  • It (optionally) auto converts to raid as needed, making for super fast 6+ team assembly
  • Has extensive mouse over tooltips in the addon options and key bindings sections to let you discover the features

Q: How big/complicated is the setup?

A:Turn on broadcasting and 3 keystrokes: Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V, Enterdo that once, and you're done forever, even if you login 100 different teams!

Q: Does it work cross realm ?

A:Yes since 1.6 and that makes it a big time saver if you need to visit a lot of realms.In that setup I recommend you don't change the slot1 but change the other slot(s) and set the auto invite to say slot 2 so everyone phases to slot 2's realm (the changing realm)

Q: I prefer to watch videos than read a wall of text !


That's not a question, but a statement You can watch this mini series:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TseQzm4Ktb4&list=PLlutLO8wozeIy0U2htIL3O12bIE5cB1VA&index=1

Q: Do you have a demo?


Yes (though it's a bit old, doesn't show the config UI or new commands, etc... and volume is lowhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWGP20xmXTI&list=PLlutLO8wozeIy0U2htIL3O12bIE5cB1VA

Q: Is there anything that won't work with it but would work with pure isboxer team reload/change ?


First if you log the original team in, you get the exact same functionality + fast auto invite, auto raid conversion if needed/enabled, auto EMA team sync etc... so it's only additive feature wise, you don't loose anything

But yes, if you have a pro setup and try to swap say a Tank for a Healer in the same slot, DynamicBoxer will still remap the macros but they will be your Tank-style actions and thus not likely to be as helpful to your newly slotted Healer; yet if you you just need a quick swap in/out to collect some item, do a quest or anything of that sort, it will still save time and be functional (assist, broadcast, follow etc...), just don't go and do a Mythic + 20 with that setup :-)

Q: Does it/will it work with Classic ?


Yes ! and it's great to get going even if you don't have characters created yet!

Q: I'm sold (or willing to try it), where do I get it?


Wherever you like get your wow addons usually, typically on curse/twitch app or wow interface (search for "DynamicBoxer" with no space):


ps: "sold" for free and opensource (it's here on github!)

Q: How do I ask more questions?

A:Ask here or catch me on discord

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retail, classic, burningCrusade - v3.06.01

ChangeLog for DynamicBoxer by MooreaTv (moorea@ymail.com)

Coming next:

  • Your input/suggestions welcome !
  • See open issues for ideas https://github.com/mooreatv/DynamicBoxer/issues

v3.06.01 Nov 28th 2021

  • TOC updates for SoM and SL 9.1.5

v3.06.00 Sept 18th 2021

  • Avoid error from resize in combat (support for checking InCombatLockdown() also in molib 8.1)

v3.05.03 Sept 2nd 2021

  • Update TOC for Burning Crusade 2.5.2

v3.05.02 June 29th 2021

  • Update TOC for ShadowLands 9.1 (Chains of Domination)

v3.05.01 May 11th 2021

  • Avoid lua error when invite comes in before setup is done.

v3.05.00 May 10th 2021

  • Support for Burning Crusade Classic (through MoLib v8)
  • Added -Classic, -BCC, -Mainline TOCs

v3.04.02 April 21st 2021

  • Bump classic TOC for 1.13.7

v3.04.01 April 18th 2021

  • Implemented #81 (in MoLib): help message is output as individual chat entries so it can be scrolledback properly

v3.04.00 April 17th 2021

  • (Classic) If slot 1 is not in guild but others are, sync out of say range would not always work

v3.03.03 April 11th 2021

  • Avoid error with nil faction and race condition when receiving messages too early

v3.03.02 March 13th 2021

  • Eliminate EMA api errors causing MAMA/DynamicBoxer to get stuck not completingthe team (work around for https://github.com/ebonyfaye/ema-classic/issues/2by doing the EMA api last instead of in the middle of Dbox logic)

v3.03.01 March 9th 2021

  • Retail/Shadowlands TOC update. Continue to use MAMA and its new /click MamaAssistto use DynamicBoxer

v3.03.00 Feb 21st 2021

  • New behavior during change of resolution/wow window resize: until this versionthe DynamicBoxer/Mama window would keep the exact same pixel size; it now varies inproportion of the actual window width change, thus allowing WowOpenBox big<->small swapto work well.

v3.02.02 Jan 30th 2021

  • Classic: avoid lua error in early message receive and no isboxer

v3.02.01 Jan 17th 2021

  • Easier initial setup for additional accounts.If you log in your slot 1 first and /reload before starting the other wow,all the other will pickup the machine wide token automatically.

v3.01.02 December 2nd 2020

  • Classic 1.13.06 and TOC addition for other addon managers

v3.01.01 November 24th 2020

  • Shadowlands TOC update
  • Fix for addon config CheckBoxes 9.0.2 SetValue error (fix in MoLib)
  • Prepare for https://www.WowOpenBox.org/ the only free open-source wow multiboxing software.

v3.00.00 November 8th 2020

  • Support for MAMA so DynamicBoxer features can be used without requiring ISBoxerGet MAMA at https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/mama-multiboxingto manually set your slot # once in its config and enjoy the rest of the Dbox featuresas well as additional Mama features like follow me, lead change etc

v2.14.00 Oct 24th 2020

  • Change to the status frame:
    • the slot number is clickable to get the identify window(replaces Tab, you can bind a key in keybindings if you want or still do /dbox identify)
    • Each party name in full (default) view is clickable/start of a unitframe(so to get the old behavior of invite/disband/... make sure to click in the title part)
    • New config option to disable tooltips.
    • If you want to anchor to dbox slots, the global table/fontstring regionDynamicBoxer_Status_Slot_x can help (where x is slot#)

v2.13.03 Oct 14th 2020

  • Also fix auto raid/party conversion (and decided to provide compatibility global versions back)

v2.13.02 Oct 13th 2020

  • (minor) LeaveParty() fix

v2.13.01 Oct 12th 2020

  • Shadowland compatibility!

v2.12.01 Sept 16th 2020

  • Classic: Fix bogus warnings from guildies or nearby sync. fixed english typo.

v2.12.00 Sept 9th 2020

  • Fix #78: For brand new characters, escaping the cinematic caused lua error
  • Classic: use whisper addon message instead of bfa xrealm style real (non addon) message

v2.11.04 Sept 8th 2020

  • Workaround ElvUI bug in tooltip display
  • (MoLib) Fixed tooltip anchor for option menu in Classic

v2.11.03 Sept 8th 2020

  • Added option to disable all automatic popups at the cost of potentially not completing teams (see /dbox c or use /dbox u off)

v2.11.01 Sept 8th 2020

  • Fix #77: if you disabled the addon (hitting escape for instance on the token prompt), don't flood with warning

v2.11.00 Sept 7th 2020

  • Classic: use guild, party/raid and say for comms - pretty huge improvement, you can now /reload just the slot1and it will resync fast etc... (best is guild but if your team is near one another it should sync fine too)

v2.10.01 Sept 2nd 2020

  • Classic: use new MoLib IsInOurGuild() which works better than UnitIsInMyGuild()

v2.10.00 Sept 1st 2020

  • Classic: big change to use GUILD addon chat when possible; this makes 10+boxing work much betteras long as characters are in the guild.
  • Classic: change timeout for secure messages to 3 minutes to accommodate 10 boxing delays in msging.

v2.09.01 July 8th 2020

  • Classic is now 1.13.5

v2.09.00 June 27th 2020Classic fixes:

  • Fix bug with race condition at start and isboxer complaining about wrong slot (Issue #75)
  • Workaround reinvite bug (trying to invite already in party toon) by delaying auto invites

v2.08.02 March 3rd 2020

  • Updated TOC for Classic 1.13.4

v2.08.01 Feb 21st 2020

  • Updated TOC for BfA/mainline 8.3

v2.08.00 Dec 10th 2019

  • Handle classic API changes:
    • can't use addon messages on private secure channel anymore
    • use bfa xrealm like whisper based sync instead
    • started refactor for classic only into new DBoxClassic.lua file (overriding some functions from the main file)
    • todo:
      • there are still some rough edges with or requiring broadcast /reload or selective resync (alt left click) to be fixed(specially with a mix of in and out of party toons)
      • refactor/cleanup
      • add guild/say/yell option for faster/more efficient reach
  • Slightly better error and options text

v2.07.02 Nov 16th 2019

  • Fix for error finding last toon for modified FTL assist case (when using /targetexact {FTL}\n/assist)Many thanks to Termi for the help finding and debugging this issue!In order to be more able to detect characters in modified ISboxer macros (that may contain extra spaces)we now use space as a possible separator as that is illegal for wow characters but was working for versions before this oneNOTE: that means you should not use spaces in the name of your characters (ie if you have "Character 1" pleaserename that to "Character1" or "Character_1")v2.07.01 Oct 5th 2019
  • Fix for some other addon emulating only partially bfa api in classic ()(attempt to call global 'GetSpecializationInfo' (a nil value))v2.07.00 Sept 24th 2019
  • BfA 8.2.5 toc update (everything seems to be working from my testing)

v2.06.03 Sept 22nd 2019

  • Fixed packager bug/changelog being mangled on cfv2.06.02 Sept 21st 2019
  • Switch to community/bigwigs packager as CF build was stuck/broken, also lets ushave classic and non classic toc without retagging and upload to wowi automatically tooThanks Nebula and Nev for their help. (rebuilt as .02 to avoid double file confusion)v2.06.00 Sept 21st 2019
  • Option to delay a bit accept of auto invite in order to have team in slot order.(you need to set the option on all the windows, not just the lead, also disable auto acceptin other addons like EMA to use this feature; lastly it may not work at login time, if so,middle click to disband and left click to reinvite, in order)

v2.05.03 Sept 12th 2019

  • Fixed bug for case where there was duplicate binding of isboxer FTLAssist macrov2.05.02 Aug 24th 2019
  • Fixed bogus realm mismatch warningv2.05.01 Aug 24th 2019
  • Moved some common code to MoLib (event registration)
  • Trigger rebuild with latest MoLib for Classicv2.05.00 Aug 11th 2019
  • Option to limit invite to a set max party size. eg. 4 so a 8box can be 2x4 (Issue #61)if you have 12 and set max to 4 you will have 3 groups of 4 (1-4, 5-8, 9-12) automatically at loginconfigure with /dbox c or /dbox partymax N (make sure to broadcast)if you are 15 boxing and unset autoRaid, you'll end up with 3 parties of 5, etc...(works for any party size 2 to 5)
  • Get a warning when failing to convert to raid (because characters are too low to raid for instance)
  • Moved :SetSaved handling to MoLib (by setting self.savedVar)
  • WIP: support for Mama

v2.04.01 Aug 9th 2019

  • Pick up wow classic fix from MoLib for bug report and keybinds framev2.04.00 Aug 7th 2019
  • Added Jamba support (DynamicBoxer will auto set your Jamba team likeit has been doing for your EMA team so far)
  • Fixed typo in invite code (only affecting debug-ish printing)

v2.03.03 Aug 4th 2019

  • Latest MoLib and re-tagging with correct TOC for classic
  • new classictag.sh to auto sync the classic tags (take 2)v2.03.01 July 31st 2019
  • Filter and truncate bug reports as needed (MoLib fix)
  • use MoLib's new NormalizeFont and font object param

v2.03.00 July 29th 2019

  • New feature: Export your keybinds to CSV (Excel, Google docs, gist.github.com...)/dbox keys and copy paste from the new frame that pops up. (Issue #60)
  • New feature integrated from MoLib: /dbox bug to submit bug information for bug reports!post them to https://bit.ly/dboxbug (which redirects to curse bug, or email me or discord or github)
  • (beta2) Much better look for the bug report frame (MoLib fix)
  • No need for double snap pass if setting the height of strings first
  • Smoother zoom with less shimmering (newer MoLib)
  • Fix lua error when receiving mapping while disabled
  • Fix case where receiving long realm name for last slot was changing the height incorrectly (MoLib fix)

v2.02.01 July 28th 2019

  • In molib fixes for Issues #65, #66 (status window forced to stay on screen)
  • Fixes for #67 (initial view off and also wrapping right aligned text fix to not wrap)
  • Fixed #64 in MoLib (at the cost of not as good behavior when resizing the main wow window)

v2.02.00 July 27th 2019

  • Right indent and align the realms in the status window
  • Typo fix in EMAsync (I wish lua had better tooling to find typos)
  • Optional DynBoxer.teamCompleteCallBack called if set when the team is complete (Issue #63)

v2.01.00 July 25th 2019

  • Use MoLib v7 for pixel perfect operations: Exactly 1 pixel border (using :addBorder).Use new shared code MakeMoveable, SavePosition, RestorePosition now in MoLib
  • Handle screen resize and UI scale changes (we do keep our internal scale though)
  • moved ShowToolTip and SplitFullName to MoLib, use WipeFrame from MoLib
  • fixed bug with slot watch
  • fixed small bug with error when trying to complete team or send sync message whenthe addon is disabled, also made sure /dbox init reenables if needed (not thatone should ever need to init again but...)
  • changed border to black, and default position to 2 pixels below top edge of screenlet me know how you like it
  • Small fix for all same realm master case

v2.00.04 July 20th 2019{minor update to help any troubleshooting/ensure it's clear which version is running}

  • Fix version number not showing, dev placeholder X.YY.ZZ showing instead(if you see bugs like this please report them)
  • Make sure lua errors are shown in case there are any (not likely from DynamicBoxerbut can affect DynamicBoxer so better to investigate) - please report any LUA error seenwhile using dynamic boxer.

v2.00.03 July 18th 2019 (v2.00.02 has the classic 1.13.2 compatibility toc)

  • Add support for classic/no specialization icon
  • Center the faction and class/spec icons better

v2.00.01 July 17th 2019{2.00.00-beta1 to beta3 were pre-releases, with beta3 identical to this one}

  • Status window now includes the whole team details; shift right click to switchingbetween full and compact view. Different color for same realm vs other realm. (Issue #14)
  • Faction is now a glowing animation on identify splash screen.
  • Added specialization, if available, to identify.
  • Moved both of these ^ to the same line as slot #
  • Fixed up size/border calculation (border is % of height and width instead of fixed)
  • Fix for rare case of lua error when getting a whisper without isboxer team. (Issue #56)
  • Moved (more) reusable code to MoLib 6.00.xx(including greatly simplified addTexture and no manual hack for offset)
  • (minor) Added special case of "1" offset in the font we are using it isn't centered otherwise
  • (minor) Changed max slider scale to 2.5
  • (minor) Changed mousewheel zoom in/out steps to 5% instead of 8%

1.9.9 July 15th 2019

  • Fixed lua error when the token UI is through a warning (no msg to print as already warned)

1.9.8 July 15th 2019

  • Status window size can be change with mousewheel (and saved like the position), also changeable(better if broadcasting to all windows to sync the size for later mouse broadcasts) usingthe options menu. Quite some work to get cancel to restore previous scale etc.
  • Fixed issue with enabled/disabled flow (some use of old variable weren't renamed to the new watched one)

1.9.7 July 14th 2019

  • Added option in settings to turn off the start up identification, show for only 3s at startand 6s later
  • Handle solo / team of 1 properly (Issue #55)
  • Handle "Escape"/Cancel from the token UI popup such as it won't pop again automatically after that(until you explicitly ask for it eg /dbox x or the mouse/key bindings for it)
  • Added /dbox team complete to force a team to be marked as complete despite missing slots(for instance if you log only 3 out of your usual 5 characters and want to sync the shorterEMA team anyway). Also bound to control-middle click on the status frame. (Issue #44)

1.9.6 July 13 2019

  • Minor adjustment to big slot display for better centering and layout
  • Let DB.enabled set to false work from startup (Issue #53, #54)adding /dbox enable off to disable (and anything else to reenable, eg. /dbox enable)alt-shift-right click on status window to disablealt-right click to (re)enable (not using toggle so it's safer to broadcast set the same state)
  • adding Ctrl-Right click on status for popping up the token xchg dialog
  • adding slash command (/dbox id), key binding and options button for slot identification commandin addition to previous TAB when mousing over status window. Make it visible also when alt-z'ed.

1.9.5 July 12 2019

  • Added tooltip for status frame (Issue #46)
  • New (discoverable) Ctrl-Click for toggle autoinvite and Shift-Click toconvert to raid/party toggle (and new /dbox party toggle)Alt-click to send a re-sync message (dbox join)
  • Very very nice (if I may say so) window/slot info display when hitting taband mouse over status (and briefly at login) - (Issue #52)

1.9.4 July 11th 2019 - The good one!

  • Fixed masterName->MasterName typo. Who doesn't love runtime errors likethat... that could be detected by a compiler1.9.3 July 11th 2019 - aka 3rd time's the charm : nope
  • All the cross realm master memory refactoring was broken for thesimple case of entering a token for a new master (!) (need automated test case/regression testing!)1.9.2 July 11th 2019 - bad release
  • Put our frame higher on the stack, and about midway to the right instead of just centeredto not cover blizzard headings like in the order hall and some other topbar addons (Issue #47)
  • Fix the padding around frame to be precisely the same in each corner and usingMoLib pixel perfect alignment of frame
  • Reset the max 200 message counter at each team complete event (for long running cross realm sessions)
  • /dbox reset status puts it back to default right away without needing /reload
  • Fix isboxer less manual/testing mode error
  • Fix: clear raid flag when needed.
  • Fix: don't try to cross realm contact [older] master[s] if we already know Slot 1(unless it's the first msg) and don't show the xchgUI in that case
  • Changes to cross realm retry/sync/master attempts1.9.1 July 9th 2019 - bad release
  • Now try the 4 most recent masters per faction for cross realm syncing,this should all but eliminate the need for /dbox xchg (Issue #23)Also fixed case where on /reload the cross realm masters weren't tried.

1.9.0 July 9th 2019

  • Initial moveable, position saved, status frame, shows connected slotsleft click invite, middle click disband, right click options (Issue #14)(uses MoLib WatchedTable, ie tables with callback on change)
  • Print a message while we wait for standard channels (Issue #43)

1.8.7 July 8th 2019

  • Better detection of character not found / unexpected isboxer config. (Fix for #42)
  • Only test for 1 channel (from 2 before) before joining ours (as non en locale clienton en servers only get LFG for instance)

1.8.6 July 8th 2019

  • Automatic conversion to Raid when needed is now very solid and very fast (fastest raid forming ever?)

1.8.5 July 7th 2019

  • Fix issue #36: if an addon took /1 (like elvui) or you deleted /1, dynamic boxer would wait foreverfor it to show up. Now we use a better check for std channels and give up after 1 minute(to let new characters cinematic end) with an error, please report it if you see that warning

1.8.4 July 7th 2019

  • new Auto Raid option (Issue #40)
  • start of Localization support (mostly initial tiny infrastructure in MoLib)

1.8.3 July 6th 2019

  • fix for tainting (Issue #38) by delaying init (most of the fix in MoLib)
  • manual mode improvements

1.8.2 July 5th 2019

  • fix for lua error when isboxer isn't loaded (the fix for #19 broke it in 1.8.1)

1.8.1 July 4th 2019

  • new /dbox autoinvite x where x is toggle to toggle, off to turn off, N to turn on for slot N (Issue #35)
  • new /dbox xchg command and keybindings (please set a binding, like Ctrl-Shift-X) so you can broadcastCtrl-Shift-X Ctrl-C Ctrl-V return for any new team that doesn't auto syncnote that current wow has a bug where it looses the default bindings upon reload...
  • Fixed Issue #34 (switching to the faction master shouldn't be a warning)
  • Fixed Issue #19 (UPDATE_BINDINGS event not delivered to isboxer)
  • Moved UI library code to MoLibGUI https://github.com/mooreatv/MoLib
  • Adding Realms database from MoLib ( generated by https://github.com/mooreatv/WowApiClient )

1.8.0 July 3rd 2019

  • Adding optional key bindings for /dbox show, /dbox party invite, /dbox party disband and more (Issue #32)
  • GUI library now supports dropdowns too; used for /dbox reset options/UI
  • Changed tooltip color for /dbox commands to steel blue (same as the "Team complete" and other PrintInfo color)

1.7.0 July 2nd 2019

  • Now uses raid/party addon chat when possible to speed up cross realm team synchronization (Issue #28)
  • Added some anti-loop/flood protections
  • DynamicBoxer options panel is more complete and better UI (mouse over show the slash command too)
  • Added :PlaceRight() to the UI library to place an widget on the right of the previous one.Place() is still "place below previous"

1.6.1 July 2nd 2019

  • add history of team mates so auto accepts of invite from non master works
  • UI library: the x offset for place is now relative to left margin so widget can be changed orderand still appear at the same horizontal offset1.6.0 July 2nd 2019
  • dbox config shows the config panel, which is also in standard addon interface tab (Issue #13)
    • Auto invite can be turned off in the UI and inviting slot can be changed
    • Debug level can be set in the UI
  • New Auto Invite option/feature (from slot 1 by default, changeable) (Issue #20)
  • New /dbox party invite (or you can short it as /dbox p) and /dbox party disband
  • Start of a (specialized for now, will move to MoLib UI eventually) UI library
    • Slider widget is better than st ock (optional list of values/min/max labels/no wobbling (left indented))
    • Switched to more natural positive y offsets to match x offsets
    • Sliders have a nice looking effect on DoDisable DoEnable
  • added /dbox e[trace] s[ave]|c[clear] to save current /etrace filters and /dbox e to start it withrestoring the last saved filters -- only useful for devs/debugging
  • Bug fix: the dbox show dialog wasn't properly auto hiding when team is complete

1.5.0 June 29th 2019

  • Bug fix: chat message filters should drop duplicate consecutive line ids
  • Make VerifySecureMessage problems only 1 instead of 2 warnings (changed signature in MoLib)
  • Duplicate message detection and logging of messageIds in the debugLog
  • Auto hide show token on slaves too when team completes
  • Remember masters, by faction. Starts to use it to keep the last Slot1 memory per faction to automatically switch to.(uses new MoLib functions)
  • downgrade priority/broadcast capability of fwded messages.
  • Change the on-the-wire protocol and encoding to support a Single slot message vs a Team positional message
  • EMA: also sets the master in addition to the team order (to slot 1)
  • tweaked debug levels so /dbox debug 2 is both informative but not too floody.(run at least with /dbox debug 1 if troubleshooting something)
  • lowered retry/refresh to 3s
  • don't popup the master dialog if we just did a full init /dbox init, take 2
  • don't reset max retries when trying to re join every 5 failures

1.4.4 June 28th 2019

  • More checks for bad channel which seems to happen sometimes

1.4.3 June 28th 2019

  • Moved now unnecessary random token generator UI out of DynamicBoxer into its own Addonhttps://github.com/mooreatv/RandomGenerator(making this one 12k lighter)
  • Fixed issue where if the original isboxer team was cross realm the substitution was incorrectalso added more safeguard for unexpected issues with isboxer generated lua
  • Make "/dbox show" accept ensure initial handshake is retried
  • Address the fact that joining channel can succeed at first, then fail later (!) so we rejoin

1.4.2 June 27th 2019

  • Significantly reduced resend/retries thus also reducing throttling and lag (Issue #26)
  • Adding EMA and EMA-Classic to optional deps so we can get handle to EMA at load time
  • Clear EMA team at start to avoid extra messages
  • Refreshes EMA team display order once team is complete
  • Fixed issue #25 where optimization added in 1.4.1 broke the simple reload in same realm case
  • Use MoLib to/fromTable in LRU class and new 100th second log timestamp

1.4.1 June 27th 2019

  • Fixes for Issue #22 (Thanks Darknight for the debugging session)
  • Use (broadcast) /dbox show when logging in new cross realm characters, copy from slot 1,paste and hit enter everywhere (broadcast Ctrl-V and return key)
  • Use new MoLib with 35s default (changeable) threshold for invalidating messages (from 15s before)
  • Better printing of new vs changing team slot assignment
  • Fixed unable to paste (longer) token after using a shorter one in /dbox init or show
  • adding /dbox version to confirm/echo the version. pruned the list of commands shown from help ("/dbox")
  • fix background lua error and failure to detect EMA isn't present
  • fix case where popup on master wouldn't auto close (cross message trigger instead of channel)
  • fix bug where new master would try to message the old master (if token points to old master)
  • when cross realm try to sync up to 3 times to get full team, this fixes the most common cases of sync

1.4.0 June 26th 2019

  • Cross realm support: Added new communication/sync direct channel to allow for cross realm boxing (message the slot1/master).
    • Check if we are on the same realm and use alternate direct messaging when we're not.
    • Use the new MoLib CreateSecureMessage() and VerifySecureMessage() to create signed secured messages
    • We use regular chat whispers as the addon whispers do not work cross realm (!), with a whisperPrefix)We forward authenticated, new messages to the channel and we reply with our own known set.
    • Loop/misconfiguration(bug) detection
    • Limitations in this version (to be improved soon but it's already very usable/big step from 1.3):
      • You may need to issue "/dbox m" on the slaves that aren't in master realm if you reload the master
      • You may need to type "/dbox show" on the master to copy paste to the out of realm slaves "/dbox init" when changing master
  • Implemented issue #15: Reset the EMA team to be exactly the dynamic team, in slot order
  • Updated toc for BfA patch 8.2 (still works on classic too!)
  • Changed all functions to use : so I spent less time chasing silly error where I called with . instead of : or vice versa
  • Changed hashing to be 64 bits (2 32 bits hashes to be precise). It means your previous token will be invalidated (sorry!)
  • /dbox reset now takes a mandatory extra argument: /dbox reset all for previous all reset behavior andnew team and token options to clear the team history and the token, respectively.
  • Integrated MoLib's LRU for keeping last N masters
  • Fixed bug when changing master to longer one, the dbox show would be truncated to old length
  • Fixed bug where even on channel comm the data was sent twice

1.3.0 June 22nd 2019

  • adding /dbox show to show the current master token (Issue #16)
  • adding /dbox reset to clear all saved variables (start from scratch) this has similar effect to prexisting /dbox init butallows to completely clear all state (follow with /reload for it to take effect)
  • removed /dbox channel and /dbox secret as the token is now handled through ui; adding /dbox set toset token string from the command line instead of the UI (but /dbox show/init is better)
  • Master automatically enables "show token" (/dbox show) when it detects a change in team,so you can add members/copy existing token. Issue #17.And it automatically closes it once the team is complete !(broadcast the existing since 1.0 /dbox init if you want to change tokens across windows instead of reuse the last one)
  • Fixed #18 (bug with extra GetParent():Hide() causing master cancel button to hide UI)

1.2.0 June 18th 2019

  • Revamped simpler yet better and safer setup UI. One time setup is now only 3 broadcasted keystrokes:Ctrl-C , Ctrl-V , Return (copy, paste, enter; that's it !)
  • Fixed potential issue (as previously cross realm wasn't working anyway) issue with name-realm search and replacenow using MoLib's ReplaceAll which properly escapes all lua gsub characters for literal search and replace.

1.1.2 June 17th 2019

  • Fix issue #10 to allow original isboxer characters to be substring of one another, as well as new team characters(normalizes team in 2 passes)
  • Also address another TODO to remove unnecessary realm when same as self, earlier

1.1.1 June 13th 2019

  • Avoid rejoining the same channel right away while doing /dbox init setup UI (needed to clear a few more state)

1.1.0 June 13th 2019

  • Added optional id/password generator, you can tab between the 2 copy/paste etc (can be used for channelbut mostly for the secret, it must be pasted on all windows, if copied, /dbox random to get just this utility)(Issue #8) with lots of work/learning to get a cool fixed width narrow display and handle tab, escape, click, select,typing etc as one may expect.
  • Handle trial accounts where BattleNet info is nil (Issue #7)as part of fix prefix provided channel name with DynamicBoxer4, if left empty (but don't) uses "demo"
  • Static dialogs are reusing widgets without reinitializing them (!) so changes made in UI configneed to be reverted on OnHide (like clearing password field)
  • make sure we leave previous channel when doing "/dbox init"
  • fix bug on macro rewrite when missing slots (lua ipairs stops at first hole)

1.0.0 June 11th 2019 - 1.0 After 6 alpha/beta releases

  • Added UI (2 step dialog boxes, ran only once per account) to set channel/secret pair (Issue #2)
  • Also re runnable using /dbox init later
  • Limit maximum number of times we'll try sending/syncing (to 20 times/20s after channel join or /dbox m command)
  • DynBoxer.enabled boolean to turn off dynboxer even if loaded/running (used when user cancels out of the setup UI)
  • Luacheck'ed and some reformatting to 120 columns
  • Ensure /dbox j always sends the sync message
  • With all the above and testing showing things working, we are I believe feature complete for 1.0 and out of prototype mode!

0.1.5 June 10th 2019

  • Fix for lua error when not running in multiboxing setup (Issue #3)
  • Fix duplicate join event/messages
  • Debug output now has multiple verbosity level, use /dbox debug 9 for most verbose (new MoLib support for it)
  • Cleanup retries
  • Handle message send failure

0.1.4 June 10th 2019

  • Fix /reload on one character needing to rebroadcast from others (Issue #1)
  • Better color scheme
  • Only show isboxer warnings about bindings the first time
  • Split into 3 files for clarity and keeping ISBoxer code changes in one place
  • Refactor hooking to be cleaner and more generic and not conflict with our own functions
  • Globe lint fixes

0.1.3 June 7th 2019

  • Auto resync on channel join

0.1.2 June 7th 2019

  • First working version !! (and loads correctly along ISBoxer as independent addon)
  • Support for saved variables
  • Fix for ISBoxer loading bindings too early (when realm name isn't yet available), unregister its UPDATE_BINDINGS
  • updated /dbox help and commands
  • patches to isboxer.SetMacro so it can be ran more than once
  • need to use short name without realm when realm is same (!)

0.1.1 June 7th 2019

  • Same as 0.1.0 without the logo in the addon zip

0.1.0 June 7th 2019

  • Initial build as separate addon

commit 5434f70c5f4242488513368f4587b60030c6a504Author: Moorea Tv moorea@ymail.comDate: Sat Jun 8 05:32:21 2019 -0700

make dynamicboxer its own addon

commit 1c8247560579b349e16bef77197310d3514f6a4cAuthor: Moorea Tv moorea@ymail.comDate: Sat Jun 8 05:25:24 2019 -0700

new working DB.ReconstructTeam()

using hooks into isboxer

so we can move to be independant addon instead of patching isboxer

commit 2735bc9aa31b8360769ee5fd18fb5d04b8686b03Author: Moorea Tv moorea@ymail.comDate: Thu Jun 6 21:17:43 2019 -0700

use MoLib

commit 0a7ff2de92973b7b0af9c10ff0d7dad61e2445f2Author: Moorea Tv moorea@ymail.comDate: Tue Jun 4 23:43:28 2019 -0700

use bnet for channel

commit 96c741aeb8d9d07fd00786a17f91baf6559ebbd1Author: Moorea Tv moorea@ymail.comDate: Thu May 30 03:21:37 2019 -0700

delay initialization (avoids the channel end up being /1)

commit 5d770e3f539c220f695613f8691e274c0d8e78d1Author: Moorea Tv moorea@ymail.comDate: Thu May 30 01:52:59 2019 -0700



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