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This is an archaeology addon for World of Warcraft. Its main purpose is to serveas a checklist for completed artifacts, but it has evolved over time to have alot of general purpose archaeology assistance.

Note that starting from version 4, much of the data handling has been separatedout into another addon named ExcavatinatorAPI. You will need to install it forExcavatinator to work. It can be found inthis repository.

How to use

To open Excavatinator, use the slash command /arch. This will open the mainwindow, where you can see your overall progress for each race. The window ispaginated into the different expansions the archaeology races belong to, and youcan use the arrows at the top to navigate through the expansions.

For each listed race, the left side shows the race's name and icon, and youroverall progress (completed artifacts) for that race. Pristine artifacts arecounted separately here. The right side shows your active project for that race,with the progress bar filling up as you get fragments. Once you have enoughfragments to solve the artifact, the icon will light up and can be clicked tosolve it. You can hover over any other part of the race line to see some moreinformation about your completion for that race, and click the same to open therace details window.

The large button at the bottom of the main window is a survey button. You canclick it to cast Survey if you are in a digsite.

The crate at the bottom left shows the number of crates in your inventory, withthe number of artifacts you can crate in brackets. If you have any artifacts tocrate, the crate icon can be clicked to crate one of them.

The arrow next to the close button opens the mini-window. In older versions ofExcavatinator this would replace the main window; in this version it is aseparate window.

The race details window

Clicking a race line in the main window opens this window below it. Basicinformation about the race and your completion of it is shown in the leftportion, while the right (main) portion is the race's artifacts. The icons willbe lit up for completed artifacts. There will also be a small quest mark onartifacts you have not found the pristine version for (if applicable), as wellas a counter for the collector achievements for the Mists artifacts, if you havenot completed them. You can hover over any artifact to see more informationabout it, such as how many times you've completed it (if applicable) and thegame's description of it. For rare Legion artifacts this also shows you whenthey will next be available.

The mini-window

The mini-window is designed to be used for active digging. It has the Surveybutton, the crate button, and a solve button that changes to whichever race youlast got fragments for. At the bottom it has a list of the digsites on thecontinent you're on.

Minimap tracking

This version re-introduces minimap tracking. When you make a find at a digsite,Excavatinator remembers it and marks it on your minimap. These marks are onlyvisible while you're in an active digsite - once you finish digging (or leavethe digsite), the markings disappear, until the next time you dig in the samedigsite.

Bulk crate purchasing

Excavatinator allows you to shift-click a fragment crate at any archaeologyvendor in order to enter a number of crates to purchase, like it was anyordinary stackable commodity. It will then purchase that number of crates overthe course of a few seconds.

There is a simple popup that opens up the first time you visit a vendor thatthis can apply to, telling you about this. I put it in because there isotherwise no visual indication that you can do this now. Don't worry -Excavatinator remembers that you've seen this popup, and won't show it to youa second time.

Known issues

  • Sometimes, when hovering over an artifact icon, the description doesn't load. Hovering over it a second time will show the description.

Why two addons?

I am not, nor have I ever been, a designer. I have tried to make Excavatinatoracceptably pleasant to look at, particularly with the latest version, but Iexpect there are others who can do much better, should they want to. If anyonewants to make use of the data processing aspect of Excavatinator and just designa better interface, I wanted that to be possible without needing to load theentire UI of Excavatinator as well.

I may, of course, be getting well ahead of myself in thinking that is somethinganyone would want to do, but in case someone does - have at it :)

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retail - 4.0


retail - 4.0

Changes from version 3 - overview

This is version 4 of Excavatinator. Much like previous versions, the major version update represents a significantrewrite to improve the quality of the addon, as well as the quality of the code. The entire data layer has beenseparated out into a separate addon named Excavatinator API, which is open for anyone who wants to use it. The raceinformation window has been redesigned as well, and now opens below the main frame rather than on its side.

The race details window

The race information window has been completely redesigned. It now prominently shows which race's artifacts are beingshown, and uses icons rather than item names to do so. Artifacts that haven't been completed are shown as grey andslightly faded, while those that have been completed are fully saturated and opaque. The exclamation mark for pristineartifacts is now shown in the corner of the icon, while for artifacts with associated achievements the counter is shownat the bottom of the icon. Both now go away when their respective objective is completed, leaving a fully completed raceappearing with the same style no matter which era it's from.

You can hover your mouse pointer over the artifact's icon to see more information about it, like how many times you havecompleted it and its artifact description.

The minified window

The minified archaeology helper now counts as a separate window, which means you can have both it and the mainExcavatinator window open at the same time. The button to open the minified window is in the same place it used to be.The solve button has also been improved; instead of only showing up when you have an artifact ready to solve, it nowappears once you acquire a fragment or keystone, and updates to show the progress for the race you most recently gotfragments or keystones for.

Minimap icons

Minimap icons are back! Any time you unearth a find, its location will be remembered and marked on your minimap wheneveryou're digging in the area. The icons will only appear when you're at the same digsite, so they won't clutter up yourmap at other times. The actual tracking is done by the API side, so if you're interested in using the data for your ownpurposes in a different addon, you're entirely free to do so.

Artifact fragment crate vendors

When buying crates of fragments, the regular Blizzard interface requires you to buy them one at a time, confirming thatyou know they can't be refunded. Excavatinator adds the ability to shift+click on a crate in the vendor window to buythem in bulk. This still takes a few seconds, particularly for large purchases, but is much faster and easier than doingit manually.

Bug fixes

The impetus for once again doing deep work with Excavatinator was a particularly annoying bug in version 3: in manycases, such as when going through a loading screen or solving an artifact, Blizzard's API would start returning 0 forthe solve count for the current artifact of some or all races, causing Excavatinator to report one point of progressionless than you actually had. A /reload would work around it, but if this annoyed you to look at you might have to dothat somewhat frequently. In version 4 the data layer is much more self sufficient, using Blizzard's API for initialdata and for updates, but keeping its own copy of data otherwise, which seems to have improved this issue significantlyin my personal testing.


Coming soon...

4.0 - 2 months