Battleground Commander


Battleground Commander

Provides quality of life features for Battlegrounds.

Queue Tools

This adds extra ready check tools, as well as being able to see who has a deserter debuff, or mercenary contract. Asthe mercenary contract is invisible to other players, the players you want to see the contract for need to have thisaddon installed.

Queue Pause Detection

Free choice of automatically notifying the group when the queue is paused, resumed, and doing a ready check to verifywho is and isn't ready. These options can also be limited to being a group leader or assist. Additionally, if someoneelse with this addon does an automated ready check, it will try to automatically accept it.

Battleground Tools

Extra conveniences for Battlegrounds.

Instructions Frame

This frame shows Raid Warnings from your raid leader with a time to indicate how long ago this message was sent. You canconfigure this frame to load only in specific zones, and it will filter out duplicate messages.

Official Download Locations

You can find this addon on:,, and can find the releases on GitHub.

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retail - 1.2.0


retail - 1.2.0

Battleground Commander

1.2.0 (2022-06-26)

Full Changelog Previous Releases

  • Added translation templates for de and ru, more can be added. Translations are welcome
  • Added information about the queue pause detection in the readme
  • Added an auto accept when the paused queue ready check triggers
  • Added paused queue and resume detection


Coming soon...

1.2.0 - 4 hours