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Keeping you in the game with simple addon management

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Simple Addon Management

Organize your addons your way, simple display of the information you need.

Automatic addon detection combined with simple easy to use controls allow you to quickly and easily manage your addon collection of any size. Easily switch between all of your World of Warcraft installations organized however you like.

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Addon Info You Need

Addon details, changelogs, and previews at your fingertips.

Access to detailed addon information is available at the click of a button. From the full addon detail information, to changelogs for the current version, and even an image gallery where available.

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Explore New Addons

Search, sort, and find addons from all major addon providers.

With WowUp you have the ability to search for and discover the addons you want across all major addon providers. We also offer support for category based browsing where available.

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