CurseForge Migration

Soon CurseForge will be blocking WowUp from being able to update your addons.

Why Is Migrating Necessary?

You may have heard varying reasons from across the web on why this is happening. The best answer for the curious is to read the patreon blog posts that tell the tale as it developed. Read More.

Migration Steps

Unfortunately a lot of your favorite addons are only available on CurseForge. However, WowUp will do the best it can to find those same addons on other providers.

There are a couple of simple steps involved to find as many matches as possible.

1. Disable the Curse provider

Go to Options on the left sidebar, select the Addons item in the options panel and the following screen should appear. Now uncheck the Curse checkbox and that provider will now be disabled.

2. Re-Scan

Now that Curse is disabled your app will no longer get any updates or addon information from them. Return to the My Addons section on the left sidebar. Your screen should appear normal.

Clicking the vertical dot button in the top right will show you a menu with the option to "Re-Scan Folders".

Selecting "Re-Scan Folders" will prompt you with a warning that the files on your computer are about to be checked, and that your current addon list will change. Go ahead and select Yes to start the scanning process. This may take a little bit.

Once the scan is complete, you will likely notice than many of your addons now say "Unknown" for the provider. This means that WowUp was unable to find that same addon on other providers.

Now What?

You have several options none of them ideal.

  • Politely lobby the author of your missing addons to host them somewhere else, such as Wago or GitHub.
  • Lobby CurseForge to allow WowUp to host a solution that we both agree to.
  • Use the CurseForge app.

If you have any further questions feel free to hop into our Discord and ask away.